The Dixie Outlaw Club is a new EXCA race club and we will be hosting our first EXCA race at the AgriCenter Showplace Arena in Cordova/Memphis, TN on May 5-6, 2018.  Although we may be a new club we are not inexperienced.  Because Outlaws all LOVE to race, we attend races all over the country put on by different EXCA clubs. Here is some interesting information regarding the Dixie Outlaw Members who race in the EXCA events.

1) 5 of the top 6 Racers in the EXCA National Points Standing are Dixie Outlaws – Michael Garman, Sherry Garman, Dennis Robinson, Mike Jeffers and Steve Barrett

2) The top 3 Racers in the EXCA Ride Smart Division Points Standing are all Dixie Outlaws – Sherry Garman, Dennis Robinson and Steve Barrett

3) 2 of the top 3 Racers in the EXCA Non-Pro Division Points Standing are Dixie Outlaws – Michael Garman and Steve Barrett

4) 3 of the top 5 Racers in the EXCA Novice Division Points Standing are Dixie Outlaws – Michael and Sherry Garman and Gregg Moore

5) The top 4 Racers in the EXCA Intermediate Division Points Standing are Dixie Outlaws –  Mike Jeffers, Michael and Sherry Garman and Dennis Robinson

6) One of the top 2 Racers in the EXCA Young Guns Division is Dixie Outlaw Dakota Jeffers

7) Dixie Outlaw Steve Barrett has been invited to race at the 2018 Calgary Stampede

We may be Outlaws, but we sure do burn up a lot of fuel supporting the Extreme Cowboy Organization!!!!  With all this racing experience we are going to put on a race we know you will enjoy.

For those of you who have already pre-registered, thanks for putting your faith in us and we are going to do our best to make this a fantastic event.

Sign up for the Memphis Showdown with this entry form.


Dennis Robinson……….….…….931-787-2047

Steve Barrett……………………..812-890-9538

Sherry and Michael Garman……615-289-8260…615-278-6170

Christie and Mike Jeffers………..865-617-7922…865-617-7972

Cheryl and Gregg Moore………..662-315-4778…662-315-8739

Feel free to contact any member if you have questions.