Get to Know The Outlaw Advisory Board

Wheatland, Indiana

Steve Barrett says, “I have been riding horses all of my life, mostly trail and pasture riding.” As he aged and his riding skills improved, he then started team penning and feedlot sorting. He attended an EXCA event about 40 miles from where he lived, he was hooked, and an EXCA cowboy was born. In 2010 he attended his first EXCA World Championship in Topeka, Kansas. He won EXCA World Reserve Champion in the Ride Smart Division and won third in the Non Pro Division. Since 2010, Steve has ridden every year in the EXCA World Championship. He says, “Some years good, some years not so good, but I always had a great time.”

Steve is the 2017 EXCA World Champion in the Ride Smart Division. He also placed tenth in the EXCA World Non-Pro Division. He received a coveted invitation to ride in the 2018 Calgary Stampede Cowboy Up Challenge which takes place July 2018.

Steve rides a Quarter Horse named Mr. Genuine Doc (Doc for short). Doc was inducted into the 2017 EXCA Hall of Fame. Steve says, “Doc truly loves his job and gives 100 percent every time.” According to Craig Cameron, Steve Barrett and Doc have more combined accumulated points than any other horse and rider.

Steve says, “Doc has been a blessing to me. He is probably one of a kind. He deserves all the credit for my success.”

Co-Owner Garman Engineering
Nashville, Tennessee

Michael Garman met his wife, Sherry, in 1992 while they both were enrolled in Advanced Diving Classes in Florida. They married in December of 1993. Michael and Sherry moved from Florida to Tennessee in 2005 and have owned Garman Engineering since 2007.  Michael has a double major in Geology and Engineering from Vanderbilt University, a Masters in Oceanography from Florida State University, and a PhD in Cell Biology, Microbiology and Molecular Biology from the University of South Florida. Michael is one of the few Vanderbilt graduates with an SEC Championship having played on the 1984 SEC Championship Vanderbilt Rugby Team.

Michael rides a Tennessee Walking Horse named Stonewall. Stonewall is his first horse which he purchased in 2006.  Stonewall is a well-built, athletic horse with foundation blood lines.  “Stonewall was probably too much horse for a beginning rider approaching 50 years old with no previous riding experience.”

In 2015, Michael and Stonewall began riding in EXCA. Stonewall has become a wonderful obstacle horse and an excellent partner with Michael.  Watching Stonewall in an EXCA race one sees he is having fun running the obstacle course with his ears forward and eyes looking for the next obstacle. Michael says, “Stonewall walks to the trailer on his own when we pack up to leave for a trip; and, when we return home, I simply open the trailer door and he walks back to his pasture on his own.”

Michael rides in Novice, Intermediate and Non-Pro divisions:

2017 – EXCA World High Point Champion

2017 – EXCA National Champion, South Carolina State Champion, Illinois State Champion, Oklahoma State Champion, and South Central Regional Champion in the Novice Division

2016 – EXCA World High Point Champion

2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 National Walking Horse Association Competitive Trail Horse of the Year.

Michael and Sherry travel 25,000 to 30,000 miles each year doing EXCA competitions and trail riding with their horses. They love traveling the world when they are not traveling in their RV and pulling the horses.


Co-Owner of Garman Engineering

Nashville, Tennessee

Sherry’s first experience with horses comes from growing up in St. Petersburg, Florida in a neighborhood which had a trail riding farm. She immediately fell in love with horses. Her family moved to Colorado and purchased Sherry a horse when she was a teenager. Sherry says, “It was a backyard horse nothing more. I would get on him and ride the fields with my friends.” Sherry admits that she really did not understand anything about horses until she and her husband, Michael, moved from Florida to Nashville, Tennessee. She purchased her own horse 11 years ago spending three years in the Parelli program learning how to build a fantastic relationship with her first horse, Kody.

Sherry now rides a Rocky Mountain horse named Stormy and feels she has found a better match with him. Immediately, Sherry and Stormy started competing in the ACTHA organization. In 2015 she discovered the EXCA organization due to the fact that the EXCA National competition was held in Tennessee that year. Sherry and her horse, Stormy, are working towards a great partnership. Sherry rides in the Novice, Intermediate and Ride Smart Divisions winning the following:

2016 – EXCA World High Point Reserve Champion

2017 – EXCA World High Point Reserve Champion

2017 – EXCA World Championship Novice 8th Place Winner

Sherry says, “As with most riders we have our ups and downs but being a part of EXCA is propelling us forward. The competition and level of the riders really pushes us to improve. I am thrilled to be a part of this new Club with some of the best riders I know!”

Oneida, Tennessee

Mike and Christie Jeffers were high school sweethearts who married in 1999. They have two lovely daughters, Dakota and Jordan. Dakota is a successful rider in EXCA competing in the Young Guns Division (7-11 years). Even though 2017 was her first year competing, she won two race buckles: Young Guns High Point Winner in Southern Obstacle Challenge Association (SOCA) and in KenInTen (Kenucky-Indiana-Tennessee). Jordan is not old enough to compete yet but looks forward to competing with her horse, Raja, in a few years. Mike, Christie, and the girls spend a lot of time trail riding in the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area.

Christie Jeffers holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management and certifications in Customer Service Specialist, Real Estate Licensure (retired) and is currently working for the Federal Government. The whole family is involved in their local saddle club where Christie has served as an officer and often competes in Western Pleasure.

Mike Jeffers has degrees and certifications in the field of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. He currently is the Technical Service Manager for all of North and South America for Berthold Technologies in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. In his earlier years, Mike was involved in barrel racing (locally and regionally). He also trained/started colts and showed in N.R.C.H.A, N.B.H.A, AQHA, APHA, NRHA. Mike served(s) as a mentor for the Youth Extreme Mustang Makeover Challenges.
Mike began competing in EXCA Competitions in 2015. He continues to train and race at every opportunity.


Aberdeen, Mississippi

Gregg and Cheryl married June 3, 1971 and have three children and four grandchildren.

Cheryl retired in 2012 after working 33 years in education as a high school mathematics teacher and middle school principal. In 2002, Cheryl received the Presidential Award for Outstanding Mathematics Teaching from President George W. Bush.   In 2008, Cheryl was selected as Mississippi’s Outstanding Middle School Administrator.

Gregg worked for the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad and in 2012 after 38 years of riding an “Iron Horse” he decided to trade it in for a “real horse.” Gregg purchased his first horse in 2013, fixed up his barn, fenced in a pasture and showed Cheryl he knew how to sit on a horse. In all of their married years she had never seen him even sitting on a horse. He was a long way from riding a horse in a race. In December 2015 he attended a Jimmy Anderson Clinic and began learning how to ride that “real horse”, not just sitting on the horse. In 2016 Gregg competed in his first EXCA race in Ocala, Florida and he continued to compete all the way to the EXCA World Championship in Hamilton, Texas. Clinics and races continued in 2017 and in June he placed 10th in the Novice Division at the SOCA EXCA Nationals in Decatur, Alabama.

Cheryl and Gregg are avid travelers to clinics and races.  In 2016 they traveled over 13,000 miles but cut it down to 10,000 in 2017. One reason they travel so much is because the Extreme Cowboy Association has the best friends and supporters anyone could ever meet.


Crossville, Tennessee

Dennis married his beautiful wife, Lee, on November 4, 1972.  They have one son, one daughter, and two granddaughters. Before retiring and moving to Crossville, Dennis lived in Forest Lake, Minnesota where he owned a Chrysler-Plymouth-Ford dealership.

After Dennis turned 50 years old he began riding a Tennessee Walking Horse. He is an avid trail rider and has been trail riding in most of the western United States. In October 2017, Dennis completed for the third time the 100-mile Red Steagall Wagon Train & Trail Ride from Jacksboro, Texas to the Ft. Worth Stock Yards.  This time after arriving in Ft. Worth, he then packed his horse and gear and headed to Hamilton, Texas for the EXCA World Competition.  Dennis is a 3-time EXCA High Point World Champion. Riding in the Ride Smart Division, Dennis has finished as a Top Ten Winner twice at the EXCA World Competition:

2017 – EXCA World Finals Ride Smart 6th Place Winner

2015 – EXCA World Finals Ride Smart 7th Place Winner

Watching Dennis Robinson ride his black Tennessee Walking Horse named Cole one would not believe that in 2016 at an EXCA race in Lynnville, Tennessee he experienced a heart attack.  This attack and surgery kept him from competing in the World Finals that year. However, he came back strong in 2017.

Dennis says, “See you at the Races and out on the trail!!”