What Is EXCA?

 The Extreme Cowboy (EXCA) Race™ was originated by the first “Original Extreme Cowboy”, Craig Cameron.   Craig has achieved national recognition and prominence as a true cowboy and is a member of the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame and Culver Riding Academy Hall of Fame, he is taking the Extreme Cowboy Challenge around the world. Craig has received two Telly Awards from RFD TV, one for his “Ride Smart” show and the second award for the “Extreme Cowboy Race”.  The EXCA has been specifically designed to invite riders of all levels to participate in this fun family oriented competition.

An EXCA event challenges both horse and rider to maneuver through a series of obstacles demonstrating both horsemanship and speed. A race consists of 8 to 13 obstacles depending on the Division. There are a variety of obstacles and the riders do not know what obstacles they will face until the “walk thru” prior to their race. Each horse and rider team is scored on their approach, ability to maneuver through the obstacle and departure from the obstacle.  Horsemanship and partnership are key. The team has 8 minutes to complete their course.  The team is allowed 30 seconds to complete an obstacle or be blown off to the next obstacle receiving a score of zero and a 30 second time penalty.  The team has the opportunity to score 10 points for each obstacle on the course as well as 10 points for overall horsemanship on the part of the rider.

EXCA has a total of 8 Divisions running races:

Young Guns – ages 7 thru 11

Youth – 12 thru 17

Novice – 18 and older – new to obstacle courses

Green Horse – Young horses or horses new to obstacle challenges

Intermediate – higher than Novice but not ready for Non-Pro

Non-Pro – experienced rider who does not receive any form of compensation for riding or training horses, ponies or mules

Ride Smart – designed for non- professional riders age 55 and over

Pro – a rider is considered a professional rider if he/she is age 18 or over and receives compensation for riding or training horses, ponies or mules.

Check out the Extreme Cowboy Association website at extremecowboyassociation.com